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Face Serum Rice Repair

Face Serum Rice Repair

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Bioaqua Rice Pulp Extract Serum Facial Skin Care Products Hyalurnic Acid Essence Elastic Moist Tender For Whole Face Anti Aging

Special Rice Extract Serum Facial Skin Care Products With Hyalurnic Acid Essence Extract
Special for you,Easy to Moist and Nourishing Facial Skin.

Package Included:
1*Pc Rice Extract Rice Pulp Extract Serum (15ml)

Rice extract gently care skin.
Rich in vitamins, protein and minerals and other skin tonic ingredients, soft texture and tonic replenish and moisturize skin.
The rice bran sterols contained in rice have a high penetration rate and can nourish skin well, repair and lock water.

It moisturizes skin and helps to improve dry and dehydrated skin. Shrink Pores, maintain water and oil balance.

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